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How GPS trackers are revolutionizing the way we travel


Imagine you are at the airport and waiting for your luggage. The minutes pass, but your suitcase doesn't show up. A feeling of panic arises within you. Has your luggage been lost? Was it perhaps even stolen? In moments like this you wish you could know exactly where your luggage is. This is exactly where GPS trackers come into play.

known problems

Luggage loss is a common problem. According to SITA, an IT company specializing in the aviation industry, over 25 million pieces of luggage were lost worldwide in 2019. That is a shockingly high number. And although airlines and airports are constantly working to improve their baggage handling systems, mistakes still happen.

Advantages of GPS trackers

GPS trackers can provide a solution to this problem. They are small devices that are placed in your luggage and allow you to track the exact location of your luggage. This means you can always know where your luggage is, whether it's on the plane, on the baggage carousel or somewhere in between.

GPS tracker for suitcases

Another benefit of GPS trackers is that they can help you find your luggage more quickly if it goes missing. Instead of waiting days or even weeks for a response from the airline, you can determine the location of your luggage yourself and pass the information on to the airline.

Disadvantages of GPS trackers

Despite their advantages, GPS trackers also have some disadvantages. First, they can be expensive. High-quality GPS trackers can cost several hundred euros, which is a large investment for many travelers. Second, they can compromise privacy. Although most GPS trackers are designed to be tracked only by the person who owns them, there is always the possibility that they can be hacked by a third party.


Despite their drawbacks, GPS trackers are revolutionizing the way we travel by offering us new levels of security and convenience. They can help us avoid the stressful experience of losing luggage and give us more control over our travels. So next time you're standing at the baggage carousel waiting for your luggage, remember: There's a better option.

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