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Reversible and smart: Why the Lexon Ray Clock alarm clock is a must-have

The Lexon Ray Clock is not just an ordinary alarm clock - it is a smart accessory that makes everyday life easier and at the same time impresses with its elegant design. Here are some reasons why the Lexon Ray Clock is an absolute must-have:

1. Reversible function for easy operation

The Lexon Ray Clock's built-in tilt function allows you to activate or deactivate the alarm with a simple hand movement. When the alarm is facing upwards, the alarm is activated. When the alarm is tilted downwards, the alarm is deactivated. The alarm icon on the screen clearly indicates this.

2. Modern design meets functionality

The Lexon Ray Clock impresses with its minimalist and timeless design. The aluminum housing in combination with the clear LCD display makes it an eye-catcher on every bedside table. At the same time, it offers all the functions you would expect from an alarm clock.

3. Intelligent alarm functions

The Lexon Ray Clock has a variety of alarm options, including a gentle wake-up mode with increasing volume and a snooze function, so you can plan your mornings according to your needs.

4. USB-C for convenient charging

The alarm clock is charged using the included USB-C cable. With a battery life of up to 6 months and a charging time of just 4 hours, the Lexon Ray Clock is always ready for use.

The Lexon Ray Clock is not just an alarm clock, but a smart accessory that enriches your bedroom. Try it out and experience the future of waking up!

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