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LOUD BIKE TAG Saddle AirTag Mount

LOUD BIKE TAG Saddle AirTag Mount

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  • Mounting below the saddle
  • Hardly visible from the outside
  • Find your bike if lost
  • Easy construction
  • Use all the advantages of the Apple AirTag to protect your bike


Holder made of high-quality material for the Apple AirTag (below the saddle) - black

The Bike Tag (Saddle) is designed so that it can be screwed in underneath the saddle and remains hidden there. The Apple AirTag can be easily placed in the bike tag. Invisible from the outside, the Apple AirTag is a great help when you are looking for your bike.

Now you can park your bike in public places with even greater peace of mind and, in addition to the bike lock, you can use another technology to protect your bike from theft .


  • Dimension : 132 mm x 91 mm x 17 mm
  • Weight : 38 g
  • Material : PC
  • Content : 1 piece
  • Color : black
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Easy construction

Super easy assembly. The required screws are included in the scope of delivery.
- AirTag holder
- 2x M3x8mm screws
- 2x lock nuts

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Assembly instructions

For secure installation, the seat stays must not have a diameter of more than 7mm. In addition, the distance between the struts should be between 42 - 43 mm.

LAUT BIKE TAG Bottle AirTag Mount - AirTag Case - Tell a Friend -

Alternative to the seat holder

If the seat holder doesn't fit, we recommend trying the water bottle holder.

Questions? Here are some answers..

Is the holder compatible with all AirTags?

Yes, the holder is compatible with all AirTags.

How is the mount attached to the bike?

The bracket is attached to the bicycle saddle with two screws.

How can I attach the AirTag to the holder?

The AirTag is simply inserted into the holder.

Is the holder noticeable?

The holder is black and has a subtle design. It is therefore hardly visible from the outside.

How can I locate the AirTag using the holder?

The AirTag can be located using the Apple Find My app.

Is the holder suitable for all bicycle saddles?

Yes, the holder is suitable for all bicycle saddles with a seat post of approx. 7 mm in diameter.

What is included?

The scope of delivery includes the bracket and two screws.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great product

The bike AirTag holder is just great. It holds my AirTag securely and firmly on the saddle

Easy to install

Installing the Saddle AirTag Mount was a breeze. Within minutes, my AirTag was securely attached.

Stable holder

The holder holds the AirTag firmly on the saddle. It doesn't wobble even on uneven terrain.

Good design

The AirTag holder has a simple and functional design. It fits well on the saddle and does not affect the overall look. Very well thought out!

Recommended for cyclists

As an avid cyclist, I wanted to securely attach my AirTag to my bike. The Saddle AirTag Mount does this job excellently.

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