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Statics - Electrostatic Self-Adhesive Notes BUNDLE of 5

Statics - Electrostatic Self-Adhesive Notes BUNDLE of 5

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  • adheres to almost all surfaces
  • move without leaving any adhesive residue
  • Can be written on both sides
  • dry wipeable
  • various color variants
  • Made in the EU



  • adheres to almost all surfaces
  • move without sticky residue
  • writable on both sides
  • dry wipeable
  • various color variants
  • Made in the EU


For project planning, visualization of ideas, agile methods

Sticky Notes 2.0 is an amazing tool for visualizing ideas and projects . The notes can be moved freely and attached to almost any dry surface without leaving a trace.

This means they are a great project management tool e.g. B. for Kanban, Agile, Lean, Scrum, as they enable more efficient and productive internal or external meetings, conferences, brainstorming sessions, workshops, trainings and courses .

The white backing can be written on with a water-based marker, wiped off and reused.


  • Dimension : x x
  • Weight :
  • Material : PE film
  • Content : 500 sheets (5 blocks of 100 sheets each)
  • Color : yellow, green, pink, blue, orange
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Tell a Friend - Statics Notes Whiteboard Folien Oberflächen

Visualize, move and structure ideas regardless of the surface

Electrostatic self-adhesive sticky note for almost any flat surface without glue. Whether it's a whiteboard, presentation board, desk, laptop, wood, wall or window - leave a note anywhere, quickly and easily

Tell a Friend - Statics Notes und Whiteboard Folie Kinderzimmer

The alternative to the classic notepad

lack of space? Just turn it over and continue writing on the back. Also stick on both sides. The back of the notes and the whiteboard film can be wiped off and reused.

Tell a Friend Statics Whiteboard und Notes Homeoffice

Organized home office

Ideal for use in the home office, rented rooms and seminar rooms. No assembly required, just unpack, attach and get started.

Questions? Here are some answers..

What are Static Notes?

Static Notes are the new generation of sticky notes or Sticky Notes 2.0. They stick to almost any flat surface with static electricity on both sides, making them more practical, versatile and durable compared to traditional sticky notes. They can be written on with pencils, pens and markers and the back is dry erase - with Statics you can transform any room into a creative space.

What are whiteboard foils?

Static whiteboards are an excellent tool for working remotely or in the office. The static whiteboards do not contain any adhesives, but instead stick to surfaces with an electrical charge. They stick to almost any surface such as metal, glass, cork, brick, fabric, leather and stone. They can be moved freely and do not soil surfaces. The standard size for whiteboards is DIN A1 (841×594 mm).

On which surfaces do the static notes and whiteboard foils stick?

The self-adhesive notes are ideal for almost all smooth surfaces such as:
metal | carton | brick | wood | glass | cork | Textiles | leather | paper | stone | concrete

How do the Static Notes work?

Static Notes consist of statically charged polypropylene foil with a special coating on the surface. Instead of using glue, the notes stick to surfaces with a stable electrostatic charge.

How long do the notes stick?

We've run tests on a variety of surfaces and some sticky notes have lasted for months. However, the duration depends on many factors, e.g. B. on the nature of the surface, the external environment and the dust content. The products adhere best to dry, flat and dust-free surfaces.

Does something need to be assembled or attached?

Statics Notes & Whiteboards stick to static-charged surfaces, so they don't contain glue. This means the whiteboards are quick and easy to install and will stick to almost any surface. Simply place the plaque on any surface in your home or office and it will stick by itself.

Can Statics be reused?

Static whiteboards have a unique dry erase surface. This means you can write multiple times on the same board with a dry-erase marker. We recommend using a non-permanent whiteboard marker or a water-soluble marker. The same also applies to the back of the sticky notes. Whiteboards can be attached on both sides and can also be reused from both sides.

Can static notes and whiteboard foils be combined?

Colored Static Notes can be used to visually enhance the whiteboard. The Static Whiteboard can also be attached to rougher surfaces, which means that the Static Notes will stick better to these rough surfaces as well.

Can I also attach the whiteboard films to uneven surfaces?

No, the whiteboard films only stick to smooth, even surfaces.

Are the sticky notes & whiteboard films easy to remove?

Yes, the whiteboard films and notes can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

Are the electrostatic self-adhesive items environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Sticky Notes and A1 whiteboard films are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Customer Reviews

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Actually hold

Adhere well to all reasonably smooth surfaces (even on the forehead as a few students found out :))

Very reliable!

unexpected but very positively surprised by the length of detention and quality


nothing to complain about

Perfect for workshops

great alternative for workshops and meetings with that certain wow effect

Good adhesion and movable

Stick to all smooth surfaces and remove without leaving any damage

12 _