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More about statics

Here you will find a wide selection of high-quality notes that stick to any smooth surface without glue or magnetism.

Our electrostatic sticky notes offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to capture your thoughts, ideas and memories. They can stick to any smooth surface such as tables, walls, doors and windows and are easily removable at any time. This makes them ideal for use in the office, at home or at school.

Our sticky notes come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. Made from high-quality materials, they offer long-lasting and heavy-duty adhesion, so you can rely on them to hold your important notes and reminders.

Our electrostatic sticky notes are also a great option for use in meeting rooms or when brainstorming. Easily attached to whiteboards, glass or mirror surfaces, they allow you to jot down ideas and suggestions in an easy and organized way. They are also environmentally friendly as they do not contain any glue or other harmful substances.

We also offer special sets of electrostatic self-adhesive notes that come with special pens. Specially designed for use with our sticky notes, these pens allow you to organize and prioritize your notes and ideas.

With us you will find a large selection of high-quality electrostatic self-adhesive notes at affordable prices. We also offer fast and reliable delivery so you can get your notepads quickly and easily. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions - our customer service team is always at your disposal.

Create an organized and productive work environment that suits your needs with our electrostatic sticky notes. Our sticky notes are eco-friendly, easy to use and offer long-lasting and reliable adhesion.